2018 Dance Specifics

Note to participants: We expect you to wear the appropriate attire, remember the choreography, and demonstrate knowledge of connectivity, fluidity and expression. If you need further explanation of what the judges are expecting or have any questions/concerns regarding the Lonestar Search 2017 choreography, feel free to contact your Divisional Creative Arts Specialist: chloe.hu@uss.salvationarmy.org

Level One (ages 7 - 14):

Song: (Pick one of the following two options as your solo piece.)  

  1. The Lord is Good - Hip-Hop selection

Attire: TBA

Resource: National Creative Arts Dance Curriculum published by The Salvation Army USA Southern Territory (includes video demonstrations and MP3)

Click on the button below to download/view both selections and a full list of competition instructions. For this competition you will only have to learn a preselected section of choreography from one of the pieces listed above. 

Level Two (ages 15-22):

Song: (Pick one of the following two options as your solo piece.) 

  1. I Am No Victim by Kristene DiMarco - Lyrical selection

Attire: TBA

Instructions: Select one of the above pieces and learn it from its entirety to be your performance piece of choice. Please follow all choreography instructions in the corresponding video tutorials found by clicking the download button below. If you have any questions, concerns or need clarity on how some of the movement goes, feel free to contact your Texas Divisional Creative Arts Specialist:    chloe.hu@uss.salvationarmy.org.