2019 Drama Specifics

Note to participants: We expect you to wear the appropriate attire for the competition and demonstrate knowledge of musical expression. If you are not a current member of a divisional music and arts ensemble you will need to wear a nice collared shirt for your performance. If you need further explanation of what the judges are expecting or have any questions/concerns regarding the Lone Star Search 2019 competition, please contact your Divisional Creative Arts Specialist: chloe.hu@uss.salvationarmy.org

Attire: DMA Polo OR a nice collared shirt for non-DMA participants

Level One (ages 7 - 14):

Monologue: “Thank You” by Justin Street

Resource: PDF

Level Two (ages 15-22):

Monologue: “Trust In Christ, Not The Law” As told by Paul from Galations 3: 1-14 (The Message)

Resource: PDF