2019 Percussion Specifics

“Note to participants: We expect you to wear the appropriate attire for the competition and demonstrate knowledge of musical expression. If you are not a current member of a divisional music and arts ensemble you will need to wear a nice collared shirt for your performance. If you need further explanation of what the judges are expecting or have any questions/concerns regarding the Lone Star Search 2019 competition, please contact your Divisional Music Specialist: manny.munoz@uss.salvationarmy.org”

Attire: DMA Polo OR a nice collared shirt for non-DMA participants

Resource: Percussion will use the same test pieces as The Salvation Army Eastern Territory’s Star Search 2019. Thank you to Andrew Boyton and the USA East Music Department for this free resource!

 Level One (ages 7 - 14):

Snare Solo:  “Marching On To War” by Andrew Boyton

Level Two (ages 15-22):

Snare Solo: “Chance of Showers” by Andrew Boyton