2019 Competition Schedule

Round 1

Below is the schedule for Lone Star Search Round 1 on Friday, April 26, 2019. This round of the competition will take place 9:20 PM- 11:30 PM at various locations. 

We request that all participants show up to the practice location early to help us stay on time for the first round of competition.  The warm-up time listed below is designated for all soloist to have a chance to play through their solo with accompanist before being judged. 

Please note that all warm-up locations are in the same building as the competition rooms (Conservatory and Rec. Hall respectively). 

The Conservatory Lounge will be the designated practice space for all soloists not warming-up with their accompanist or competing.  

The Lone Star Search Finalist Showcase will be held in the Chapel April 27st from 11:oo am - noon. 

Round 1 Schedule will be posted on April 22th.