Houston Northwest Celebrates

The cast of "Fighting On"  More pictures can be found on the corps' facebook page.

Over the weekend the Houston Northwest corps celebrated their tenth anniversary since opening its doors in 2002. The corps celebrated the occasion by putting on a production of the play “Fighting On”. The play is originally from Bandmaster Cameron Dunn’s home corps in Canada. The production was staged as a dinner theater in the gym of the corps. Guests enjoyed a three-course meal served between the four acts of the play. A small brass ensemble performed and introduced the beginning of each act.

“Fighting On” is about a corps whose Sergeant Major has suddenly and surprisingly announced his retirement. As the news spreads through the congregation a variety of candidates make their case to be the new Sergeant Major. Three very different candidates squabble and bicker over who should be chosen for the position, while various members of the congregation take turns supporting and discrediting the them with embarrassing stories and comedic moments. The aged members of the corps eventually remind the congregation and the audience about what it really means to be a soldier of Christ, and what the characteristics of corps Sergeant Major really are.

            The production was a high-caliber undertaking involving many actors, sound technicians, lighting, live music, and film. The corps purchased sound, lighting, and staging equipment to produce the play, which will be used for future productions. Over two hundred people attended the event, which concluded with a devotional thought by retired divisional commander Henry Gonzales. 

A full gallery can be found on the Corps Facebook page.