Behind the Lens - Recording Our Texas Heritage

by Joshua Muir

Recently, I was asked to create a series of videos which were used at this years family camp, celebrating 125 years of The Salvation Army in Texas.  The goal was to capture interviews with the people who were there during key moments in our division's history. The theme "Our Texas Heritage - Impacting the World for Christ" helped guide the ministries that were chosen as the features for each video.  The ministries highlighted were

  1. The Music Department, specifically during the tenure of Jim Anderson.
  2. Ministry to Mexico
  3. The Office of Media Ministries (OMM)

They all share in common the Texas Division reaching around the world in promoting the gospel of Jesus through the Salvation Army.  With only a few weeks to complete the project, we knew we had to find key figures who we could reach and set up interviews with in a short amount of time.  Luckily we had several in the area willing to sit down on camera.  Additionally, the Bible Conference at Lake Junaluska brought several of our guests into one location.  So with less than two weeks before family camp began, I headed out on the road to capture these interviews.  On day one, I traveled to Lake Junaluska where I met with Major Mark Brown, former OMM Director, as well as former Divisional Commander, Lt. Colonel Jack Waters.  Day two,  I went to Atlanta to gather historical footage from the huge video archive housed there in the Communications Bureau.  I also sat down with Nick Simmons-Smith, formerly of the Texas Music Department and currently the Territorial Music Secretary.  Then on day three, I was off to Clearwater, Florida to meet Lt. Colonel John Mikles. Back home after just three days, I sat down with Jack Morrison and Philip Burn to complete the interviews.  It was a whirlwind that was well worth it in the end!  I hope you enjoy these videos, and share them with your friends!

Please view all the videos here