What does media have to do with Music and Arts, anyway?

by Joshua Muir

You may have noticed that the Music and Arts Department has started working in the area of media and audio/visual technology.  We've had a media major at Conservatory for 2 years now, and we've begun producing videos from within our department.  This is new for our department, and you may wonder why we are spending any time on these things.

Well, we see the growth in the use of videos, media and technology both in the world and in our corps on a Sunday.  Our department already is involved in teaching and resourcing our division in the areas of brass, vocal and contemporary music, as well as the creative arts of dance, drama, timbrels and more.  We see audio and visual media as a further progression of the Creative Arts.  Increasingly, we need skilled operators of the sound and video equipment currently in our corps.  Very often, these technologies are used to support our music and creative arts forces, whether in supplying the sound for a praise band or drama group, or providing the lyrics in a clear and non-distracting way.  This is best accomplished through careful planning, adequate training and practice, practice, practice!  Does that sound familiar?  Just as we train our Junior and Senior Soldiers in the various music disciplines, we should be focusing a similar effort in the art of running a sound board, or crafting a Power Point show.  

My mission in the Music and Arts Department is to

  • Provide training at the local level on all audio/visual equipment, with special attention to providing the best quality possible for our Sunday morning worship
  • Coordinate audio/visual ministry at the divisional level, to demonstrate the impact of using worship technology at the highest level
  • Generate video and audio resources that can assist the corps in their mission, either on Sunday mornings, or throughout the week, in addition to sharing currently available resources

I am happy to be a part of this amazing division, and hope you will reach out to me.  Let me know what you are doing locally and how I can help in any way.  

The media track at Conservatory has produced a few videos and I share the two final projects with you here as an example of what we accomplish out at camp.

 Conservatory Video Gallery.