First Divisional Youth Rehearsals

Last weekend we held our first rehearsals of the 2012-2013 season.  We had an amazing turnout for all of our groups on a cold fall weekend at Camp Hoblitzelle.  Since this was our only rehearsal until after Christmas, it will be important to keep practicing and be ready to come to January's rehearsals ready for some hard, productive work.  Here are a few reminders of the dates for rehearsals and performances in the new year.

Rehearsals and Performances - Camp Hoblitzelle

January 12 - Rehearsal
February 9 - Rehearsal
February 22-24 - Junior Councils - BlueBonnet and CAST on duty
March 9 - Rehearsal
April 5-7 - Youth Councils - Texas Brass, Lone Star Brass* and CONTACT on duty
April 26-27 - Spring Festival - All Groups
May 24-30 - Texas Brass and CONTACT Ministry Trip (Hold Dates - Location TBA)

* Lone Star Brass may have a role at Youth Councils this year for those members who are old enough to attend, more will come at January's rehearsal, but if you are Youth Councils age, hold these dates.

Lonestar Brass and Contact to Kerrville and San Antonio

On the weekend of September 14-16, the Lonestar Brass, under the leadership of Bandmaster Matthew Broome and Contact, directed by Kara Vick, visited the Kerrville and San Antonio areas. Hosted by the Kerrville Kroc Center and San Antonio Citadel, the two ensembles took part in ministry both on and off the stage. In addition to concerts at the First Presbyterian Church of Kerrville and San Antonio Citadel, the young people were put to work on various projects to aid the local community. The weekend came to a fitting conclusion with a wonderful Sunday Worship at the Kerrville corps. It was wonderful to see the young people engaged in leading and taking an active role in Worship. A special thanks to Captains Bobby and Natalie Jackson for being fantastic hosts!