Singing Company Competition


The Salvation Army USA Southern Territory is holding a Singing Company Competition to encourage the young people of our territory to sing. Group singing can be a tremendously rewarding experience that will form the building blocks of musicianship for young musicians. Through a healthy spirit of competition, it is hoped that all young people and their leaders will enjoy the opportunity to challenge themselves and to use this as an opportunity for growth through rehearsals, performance, and the constructive comments of the adjudicators. Everyone involved in this competition is encouraged to approach it as an opportunity to learn and grow and to give all glory to God!

We are looking for a Singing Company from the Texas Division to represent us at this exciting event.  Following up on last years succes, we will be holding a 2nd annual Divisional Singing Company Competition once again at the Jr Soldiers Councils on the weekend of February 22-24 at Camp Hoblitzelle.  The winner of this competition will be chosen to represent the Texas Division at the Territorial Singing Company Competition in Atlanta the weekend of Commissioning.

In order to best be prepared, we will be following the same rules for the Territorial competition.  Please click on the link below to see the rules.