What does media have to do with Music and Arts, anyway?

by Joshua Muir

You may have noticed that the Music and Arts Department has started working in the area of media and audio/visual technology.  We've had a media major at Conservatory for 2 years now, and we've begun producing videos from within our department.  This is new for our department, and you may wonder why we are spending any time on these things.

Well, we see the growth in the use of videos, media and technology both in the world and in our corps on a Sunday.  Our department already is involved in teaching and resourcing our division in the areas of brass, vocal and contemporary music, as well as the creative arts of dance, drama, timbrels and more.  We see audio and visual media as a further progression of the Creative Arts.  Increasingly, we need skilled operators of the sound and video equipment currently in our corps.  Very often, these technologies are used to support our music and creative arts forces, whether in supplying the sound for a praise band or drama group, or providing the lyrics in a clear and non-distracting way.  This is best accomplished through careful planning, adequate training and practice, practice, practice!  Does that sound familiar?  Just as we train our Junior and Senior Soldiers in the various music disciplines, we should be focusing a similar effort in the art of running a sound board, or crafting a Power Point show.  

My mission in the Music and Arts Department is to

  • Provide training at the local level on all audio/visual equipment, with special attention to providing the best quality possible for our Sunday morning worship
  • Coordinate audio/visual ministry at the divisional level, to demonstrate the impact of using worship technology at the highest level
  • Generate video and audio resources that can assist the corps in their mission, either on Sunday mornings, or throughout the week, in addition to sharing currently available resources

I am happy to be a part of this amazing division, and hope you will reach out to me.  Let me know what you are doing locally and how I can help in any way.  

The media track at Conservatory has produced a few videos and I share the two final projects with you here as an example of what we accomplish out at camp.

 Conservatory Video Gallery.

Behind the Lens - Recording Our Texas Heritage

by Joshua Muir

Recently, I was asked to create a series of videos which were used at this years family camp, celebrating 125 years of The Salvation Army in Texas.  The goal was to capture interviews with the people who were there during key moments in our division's history. The theme "Our Texas Heritage - Impacting the World for Christ" helped guide the ministries that were chosen as the features for each video.  The ministries highlighted were

  1. The Music Department, specifically during the tenure of Jim Anderson.
  2. Ministry to Mexico
  3. The Office of Media Ministries (OMM)

They all share in common the Texas Division reaching around the world in promoting the gospel of Jesus through the Salvation Army.  With only a few weeks to complete the project, we knew we had to find key figures who we could reach and set up interviews with in a short amount of time.  Luckily we had several in the area willing to sit down on camera.  Additionally, the Bible Conference at Lake Junaluska brought several of our guests into one location.  So with less than two weeks before family camp began, I headed out on the road to capture these interviews.  On day one, I traveled to Lake Junaluska where I met with Major Mark Brown, former OMM Director, as well as former Divisional Commander, Lt. Colonel Jack Waters.  Day two,  I went to Atlanta to gather historical footage from the huge video archive housed there in the Communications Bureau.  I also sat down with Nick Simmons-Smith, formerly of the Texas Music Department and currently the Territorial Music Secretary.  Then on day three, I was off to Clearwater, Florida to meet Lt. Colonel John Mikles. Back home after just three days, I sat down with Jack Morrison and Philip Burn to complete the interviews.  It was a whirlwind that was well worth it in the end!  I hope you enjoy these videos, and share them with your friends!

Please view all the videos here

Contemporary Worship Workshop - October 24-26

Marty Mikles of TransMission will be a featured guest.

Marty Mikles of TransMission will be a featured guest.

This exciting weekend is coming up October 24-26, at Camp Heart 'O Hills in Oklahoma.  It is open to our division to sign up your praise teams and experience a great weekend of learning and worship with other corps throughout our part of the Southern Territory.  They also have individual and beginner training if you don't have a full praise band yet.

They have a generous fee structure as one fee per corps, based on the number of people going, so the more each corps sends, the better the deal!  

Check out all the details here

We hope you can partake in this exciting opportunity!  Let us know if you're planning on going, we hope for a good Texas representation!

Family Camp 2014

The Texas music and arts forces had a great time at Divisional Family camp this past weekend.

The Divisional Band shared throughout the weekend, even adding a bold touch of old army style to the parade as they marched from the chapel to the carnival. On Saturday, up-and-coming cornet players Matthew Burn, Collin Dunn, Dawson Booth dazzled the congregation accompanied by the Divisional Band. 

The Divisional Praise Team led the assembly in Spirit centered worship during the weekend. The band was exceptional and added infinitely to the quality of worship, helping unite the congregations' hearts in song to the Almighty. Their focus throughout was to bring praise to the matchless name of Jesus.   

The creative arts participants ministered through song, scripture presentation, drama, and dance. Saturday night was the highlight of their ministry when they shared excerpts of "We Believe"- a creative arts and praise team partnership that focused on the essence of the Salvation Army's doctrine. The Joy of the Lord was felt as their ministry was shared.

The massed youth chorus added the icing to the cake on Sunday morning. They gathered together to sing a spirited gospel number "Your Name is Great" that featured a rap solo by Jerrell Gomez., and "All for Thee", a beautiful hymn setting shared just before the message. 

One of the most touching elements was sprinkled throughout the weekend. Several videos were shown that shared unforgettable facets of our great Texas heritage. Joshua Muir's media ministry spotlighted some of the greatest people and aspects of our rich history.  These videos will be released in the coming weeks on this website.  You can view the first by clicking here.

All in all, Divisional Family camp celebrated 125 years of ministry in Texas. The divisional music and arts team was delighted to be a part of it! 

Enjoy these photos from the weekend.

Blessed in Christ's service,

-- Your Divisional Music and Arts Team

Happy New Year

We're excited at what's in store for the coming year!  Here's an overview of important dates.


February 22 - Divisional Youth Music and Arts Rehearsals at Camp Hoblitzelle

March 29 - Divisional Youth Music and Arts Rehearsals at Camp Hoblitzelle

April 11-13 - Youth Councils at Camp Hoblitzelle

April 26 - Divisional Youth Music and Arts Rehearsals at Camp Hoblitzelle

April 26 - Spring Festival featuring the Divisional Music and Arts Groups at Camp Hoblitzelle

May 23-26 - Lonestar Brass and CONTACT trip to Corpus Christi, TX

June 11-16 - Texas Divisional Music and Arts Camp

June 16 - July 12 - Texas Divisional Senior Music Conservatory

July 26 - August 2 - Territorial Music Institute

August 22-24 - Family Camp


We look forward to sharing with you in these exciting events!