Thinking Forward

It's December again and each of you are no doubt in the throws of the Christmas season. At this point, many find it difficult to think about anything after Christmas day BUT it is important to extend your creative arts planning through January. This can be easier than you think!

Here are some script options for January that hit on a New Year theme. Click the title link on each one to get the script preview!

Find the one you want to use? Please email for FREE full script versions of any of these.

Old Acquaintance : On the eve of the New Year, two sisters reflect on an old acquaintance that was perhaps wrongly forgotten. (Topic: Forgiveness, Relationships)

A Fresh New YearA Christian ponders his (or her) personal relationship this past year with the Lord, hoping this year won't be the same. 

Waiting: A waitress counting her tips at the end of the night on New Year's takes a look at her life and wonders where it is headed. (Topic: Purpose)

The American Resolution: A series of people make their list of resolutions for the New Year. 

Staff Resolutions: When asked about making changes for the New Year, an outspoken boss tells his staff what he thinks THEY should change. (Topic: Christian Living)

Shipping and Handling: Jake, in fear of sinning, delivers himself to Ryan's house in a big box for a friendly conversation. (Topic: Sin)

New Years Resolutions: Larry encourages Linda to aim a little higher with her New Year's resolution, and rely on God to supply the strength to reach her goals. (Topic: Purpose)

Benchwarmers:  New Year's resolutions get benched in early January as the woman who made them gives up on real change and goes back to life as usual.

Let Priscilla know if you need any additional creative arts resources for the Holiday season and beyond. 

Blessed in Christ's service, Romans 8:28.

Piano Tutorial - Chording "By the Numbers"

Ronnie Murchison brings us a quick tutorial going over the 4 primary chords that will help you get started playing along with a lot of worship music.  Ronnie is one of the newer members of the divisional team, be sure to check out his bio, along with all of our details to learn more about who we are and the many ways our team can help you.

Ronnie Murchison, from the Texas Music and Arts Department presents a worship band piano tutorial, chording by the numbers.

Capo Tutorial

The Capo is a great tool for the novice or seasoned guitar player.  If you still have a bit of confusion about this device, or have never used one, check out this tutorial video.  It gives a step-by-step approach that addresses why and how to use the capo.  It's important to have a basic knowledge of open chords on the guitar before adding the capo.  You are welcome to review the guitar basics document beforehand.  Enjoy!