Piano and Guitar School

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The Music and Arts Department offers the Piano and Guitar School Scholarship Program. The goal of this scholarship program is to encourage individuals at local corps to take private lessons in either piano or guitar. This program grants participating corps $80 per month in the form of reimbursement.

Please following these five simple steps:

  1. Corps Officer selects a student and submits the Student Application Form (link below).
  2. Corps Officer identifies a teacher (teachers can be found by contacting local community colleges/universities) and submits the Teacher Application Form (link below). If you need further assistance finding a teacher, please contact the Music Department at the DHQ.
  3. Following approval at DHQ, the Corps Officer will be notified that lessons may begin.
  4. A monthly payment is made out to the teacher by the Corps. The Corps will then be reimbursed by the Music Department in the amount of $80 per month.*
  5. To receive reimbursement, please submit the following to the Music Department: a monthly report card from the teacher (or Officer on behalf teacher; link below) and a copy of invoice/check made out to the teacher. Further instructions on submitting a report card will be emailed following the DHQ approval.


Monthly Report Card  -  Student Application Form  -  Teacher Application Form


For more information, contact:
Matthew Broome
(214) 956-6212

*Please note that the reimbursement is a fixed amount regardless of the number of participating students.