Major Tracks

The Brass track is auditioned on brass and percussion, placed into one of three bands: Heaton Band (novice), Leidzen Band (intermediate), and Ray-Steadman Allen Band (Advanced). All three bands work on music that will be challenging and enjoyable for the students. The Ray-Steadman Allen Band and Leidzen Band will accompany the hymn singing and provide special music during the Sunday Morning corps visits. All three bands will perform every Sunday afternoon while visiting corps.

The Creative Arts track offers two majors, Dance and Drama. Those who attend conservatory for the Drama track can look forward to learning about acting various scripts out and the different ways drama can be used to enhance a worship service. They will work on a full-scale production for performance at the end of the three weeks. Each week the group will present at the corps that the Conservatory visits. The Dance track is geared towards those who want to hone their skills in this area and really explore the various styles and how they can be used to enhance worship.  

The Piano track is aimed at developing church pianists that can accompany singing and provide special selections. A state-of-the-art keyboard lab is located in the conservatory campus at Camp Hoblitzelle. The piano track can accommodate 10 students and is able to include young people with varying degrees of proficiency.

The Guitar Major is for current guitar students looking to expand their skills.  They work toward performances each week, accompanying singing and participating in contemporary worship.