Conservatory Staff Information

Each summer we host a six week residential music camp in Midlothian, TX. We have a summer staff of 24 positions available each summer: 10 Music Instructors, 6 Female and 6 Male Counselors, and 2 Junior Music Instructors.

The commitment for the 2018 season is from June 2nd - July 14th.

As a TMAC (Texas Music and Arts Camp) staff member, you can gain valuable experience leading and assisting with various music groups, and have the privilege of shaping young musicians and artists. In addition, you will have the pleasure of staying at the beautiful Camp Hoblitzelle, where your lodging and food will all be provided all summer. As a staff member you also have access to horseback riding, ropes course, paintball, swimming, and a host of other camp activities.


Counselors need to have an interest and/or ability in music, but will not take on a main instructional role.  They will participate in most classes to help with supervision, and also give individual instruction to the campers around them.  Their main responsibility is to supervise the campers in the cabin, in between classes, and during unstructured time (meals, free time, recreation, etc.).  Counselors typically get two to three periods off per day to rest, whereas the instructors get free time and recreation off because they are teaching all day.  


Instructors are asked to help lead all classes based on their experience and interest.  For band, instructors will either be asked to help lead, or will play in the ensembles to serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for more one-on-one instruction.  If an instructor's expertise is in creative arts, guitar, or piano they will be assigned to help with those classes instead.  Instructors will participate in chorus, but will more than likely not be asked to teach (unless they have a choral emphasis). Also all instructors will be asked to teach theory, private lessons, and electives. Electives will be assigned based on the skills of each instructor. Some past electives have been praise band, mariachi ensemble, handbells, percussion ensemble, piano, and video production. All classes are team-taught, so there are at least two instructors in each class. The instructors get free time and recreation off to rest from teaching the rest of the day. 

We are looking for instructors in the following disciplines: 

  • Brass

  • Piano

  • Voice

  • Guitar

  • Percussion

  • Dance and Drama

Days Off

Since our camp goes for 5 weeks straight (plus one week of orientation before the campers arrive), we assign days off starting with Senior Conservatory (third week of the summer).  We will assign 5-6 staff members off at a time, and they will have the same day off each week.  There are no days off on the last week, as we prepare for the final graduation concert.  On days off, staff members can go in to town for meals, movies, shopping, etc., or they are welcome to stay at camp and rest.

Other Expectations

As far as expectations for staff members, first and foremost, The Salvation Army is a Christian church.  It is not a requirement for employment to be Christian, but we do expect employees to uphold and demonstrate moral behavior and standards while working at camp.  Staff members are expected to attend Bible study every morning with the campers.  Also, they are not allowed to smoke, drink, use bad language, or participate in inappropriate relationships while working for The Salvation Army during the summer.  

We offer very competitive compensation, and discuss these specifics during the interview process.  Every staff member has to pay his/her way to camp.  Staff members are welcome to drive to camp, and will be able to park their cars for no charge. While at camp, accommodations and meals will be included, and we also have plenty of laundry facilities.  Counselors stay in the cabin (in a separate counselor room) and instructors stay in staff lodging facilities.  We also provide staff t-shirts which employees wear everyday (other than orientation and days off).

If you are interested, Contact Us for more information and assistance.