Staff Ensemble

Brass music has been used in The Salvation Army since the late 1870s to help promote The Salvation Army’s message on street corners and in marketplaces. Salvation Army ensembles exist in a variety of formats, from small quartets and quintets to full sized 40-plus member British-style brass bands.

The Salvation Army Texas Divisional Music Ensemble is a continuation of this rich brass tradition. The Divisional Staff Ensemble was established by James Anderson in 1992 after he was able to hire three additional full-time music staff members to assist him in building music programs in the state of Texas. Since 1994 the ensemble has maintained a very active role in participating in Corps and Area Command events throughout the state of Texas; presenting special programs to church, civic, school groups, and performing at Salvation Army functions. Each year the ensemble stays active, traveling and performing across the state of Texas during the months of November and December to support The Salvation Army’s Christmas fundraising efforts. Click here to learn about past ensemble members. 

The current ensemble is comprised of the current Divisional Music and Arts Department Staff, who oversee several youth and adult musical groups and facilitate music and arts instruction across the state of Texas throughout the year. The music department also organizes and runs music and arts training for six weeks during the summer at Camp Hoblitzelle in Midlothian, TX.  

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