Texas Divisional Band

The Texas Divisional Band (TDB) is a premiere 35-piece brass band made up of quality adult musicians involved with Salvation Army churches across Texas.  This group rehearses monthly, participates in Salvation Army events, and goes on tour each year.  Some past tours include Mexico, Cuba, Kuwait, and Dubai, where TDB has been privileged to minister through concerts, worship, open-airs, and music instruction.  TDB's music is mostly based on hymns and Christian songs, arranged into various styles such as festival works, marches, rock, Latin, and jazz.  In 2016, TDB toured the Gulf Coast to partner with The Salvation Army there, and most recently it undertook a ministry trip to South Africa, where it helped to run a music camp and assisted with various projects.

Divisional Praise Band 

The Divisional Praise Band consists of young adults from throughout the state of Texas. It is a contemporary group comprised of guitars, drums, keyboards, vocalists, and the occasional brass section. The most important ministry of the Divisional Praise Band is to encourage modern forms of praise and worship. They meld the old with the new in order to get young people actively involved in worship without excluding older generations. The Divisional Praise Band is a vital part of Divisional events such as Youth Councils and the Young Adult Retreat. When appropriate they also travel with the Texas Divisional Band and Texas Brass, leading worship within the states and abroad.

Texas Brass

Texas Brass is the premier youth brass ensemble of the Texas Division. The band is made up of around 40 members, ages 14-30. All are committed members of their local Salvation Army Church. Texas Brass has been privileged to have the opportunity to minister in many places, sharing the gospel message through concerts, parades, and music camps both in the USA and abroad. Previous international trips include Trinidad, Chile, Canada, Brazil, England, Norway, Russia, Fiji, and most recently Paris, France, although most recently it supported The Salvation Army in Mexico in its 80th Anniversary celebrations.  Each member also sings in the Divisional Youth Chorus.

Lonestar Brass

Lonestar Brass consists of around 35 young people from across Texas. Lonestar Brass is an intermediate level brass ensemble and serves as the next step for young Salvationist musicians. The young people in Lonestar Brass are still learning musicianship and discipline as they strive towards challenging music with varying styles. They rehearse as a group once a month and perform at Divisional events such as Youth Councils and Music Festivals. Lonestar Brass also goes on a ministry trip one weekend each Spring. During this trip they perform at a public venue as well as the Salvation Army corps in the area, spreading Christ's love through music. Prior trips include Tyler, Houston. San Antonio, Tulsa, OK and New Orleans, LA, Kerrville and Corpus Christi.  

Bluebonnet Brass

Bluebonnet Brass is an upper lever beginner group consisting of musicians aged 7-12 who are beginning to play independently enough to handle harmony parts. This ensemble is a smaller group and provides extra attention to those who have progressed as a beginner, but are not quite ready to handle the level of Lonestar Brass. They serve as the duty band for the Junior Councils weekend, and are featured at the Spring Festival.