*These are some examples of electives we offer at our Senior Conservatory.*

Timbrels - The Timbrels elective is reviving that part of our heritage that's all about smiles and the jingle-jangle. Known affectionately as the 'cheerleaders' of The Salvation Army, sign up for this elective to learn exciting modern drills in the traditional genre.

Drama - The drama elective explores the world of drama through scripts, mime, etc. The class will also focus on leadership of these aspects so that when the participants return to their corps they will have a better understanding of these things and possibly provide some leadership for drama in their corps.

GLEE - The GLEE elective will be a fun chance to sing some popular contemporary songs and put them to simple choreography that even the most stoic bandsman will find easy to handle. It's a chance to let loose in a fun environment and live out your singing and dancing dreams!

Praise Band - The Praise Band elective will be looking at current praise and worship music and how to play some of the recent inspiring music. The class will also discuss the logistics of implementing praise and worship music into church services. The band will have several performance opportunities, both at our morning Bible Studies and when we play out at various area corps. A simple audition may be required for participation

Dance - Dance is an elective for those who are interested in learning how to move to different styles of music. Designed for those who may not have much experience, you will find this accessible to all skill levels.

Percussion - The percussion elective will be creating their own percussion piece as well as looking at examples of how to create various rhythmic styles.

Handbells - You'll be amazed at the fun you can have and all the different sounds you can make with a Handbell Ensemble.  Sign up for this if you enjoy making music collaboratively with your friends.

String Ensemble - Are you a closet string player, or would like to be? We are offering a class for you this year to play with your frogs and bows and rosin to your heart's (and ears') delight.

Mariachi - Who doesn't love a good Mariachi Band? But how do they get that unique and catchy sound? Come to the Mariachi elective to dive in to this cultural phenomenon. You may even find yourself in a sombrero!

Piano - For the most intelligent conservatory delegates, we offer a group piano class. For pianists of all levels this class will teach piano technique and literature.

Guitar -  This elective is open to all players of all abilities. Learn your instrument and jam with the finest guitar players in North Texas!