Recording Project Request

If you are interested in having the music department help you with a recording project please fill out the following form. Once submitted Jeffrey Crabtree will contact you about the status of your request. 

Guidelines for Submission:

  • Officer approval required prior to submission, include their name below
  • Allow ample time for project development and scheduling. 3-6 months for creative recording projects is recommended
  • Include as many project details as possible below
  • Please note that there are extra internal review processes for recordings for distribution
    • You can help expedite the process by filling out THQ's Recording Request Form, click here to view and download. 
  • The recording studio at DHQ is used for Salvation Army projects only

Please note that due to our summer music conservatory program we will not be able to complete projects from April 15th - September 1st. 

Officer Name *
Officer Name
Officer approval is required for all projects
Project Deadline *
Project Deadline
Please provide us with the deadline for this project.
Is this project for Sunday Worship or just for practice? Will this project get released on TV or local radio?
Please select location needed for recording project.
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Primary Contact Name
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