Music and Arts Resources

The music and arts department is here to be a resource to your local programs. Below are some programs currently in place that can assist you. Beyond that, if you need assistance with any aspect of your arts programming or worship planning, we will be glad to help. Just "Contact Us" and we'll do everything we can to assist you. 

Matthew Broome - Divisional Music & Arts Director
(214) 956-6212

Piano and Guitar School

The Music and Arts Department offers the Divisional Piano (and guitar) School. This scholarship program reimburses the corps up to $80/month for an individual at your corps to take private lessons in either piano or guitar. There are only five simple steps:

  1. Corps Officer selects a student and submits the application form below.
  2. Corps Officer identifies a teacher  (these can often be found at local universities) and they submit an application. (If you need assistance finding a teacher, please contact the music department).
  3. Following approval at DHQ, the Corps Officer will be notified that lessons can begin.
  4. A check is written to the lesson teacher by the corps.
  5. Reimbursement paper, receipt, and report card are sent to the music department. Instructions for submitting a report card will be sent out after DHQ approval.

Student Application Form
Teacher Application Form

For more information, contact:
Nayoung Coogle
(214) 956-6201

Brass Instrument Rent-to-Own Program

The purpose of the Musical Instrument Rent-To-Own Program is to equip corps with musical instruments in order to start a new music program or improve upon an existing one. Instruments are purchased by DHQ and then sold to the corps under a five-year payment plan. The total cost of the instruments will be collected over 60 equal monthly payments. No interest will be accrued. 

To learn more about this program, contact:
Sara Elliott

Corps Music Equipment Inventory

Annually, we request that every corps identifies instruments and equipment that the corps owns. Equipment includes instruments, music stands, percussion and audio/video equipment. Please click on the link below and fill out the online form.